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Flower and Charcuterie Box Gift Pack


Dried Fruit & Nut Trays

From  $65.95

Greeting Cards


1kg Grab Bag


Rainbow 1kg Grab Bag


Charcuterie + Dessert Combo

From  $45.00

Cheese + Dessert Combo

From  $45.00

Baby Bear

From  $95.00

Celebration Numbers

From  $115.00

The Mom Platter


Personal Charcuterie Cups

From  $80.00

Assorted Eucalyptus Bouquet


Cheese Tower

From  $395.00

Sundried Cherry Tomatoes + Goat Cheese Salad

From  $15.00

Fig + Parmesan Salad

From  $15.00

Charcuterie Box

From  $30.00

Personal Dessert Cups

From  $80.00

Hors D'oeuvres


Charcuterie Bouquet


Shelf Stable Charcuterie Tray

From  $95.00

Shelf Stable Cheese Tray

From  $95.00

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